Just A Thought

if there's one thing that really gets under my skin, it's things influencing my thought process without my knowing. the most obvious example of this is advertising, an industry built on manipulating your thought processes to try to squeeze some money out of you. advertising, though arguably the biggest culprit of this, is far from the only example. another culprit is fucking memes, of all things. the entire premise of memes are that they stick in your mind, and sorta force their way into unrelated thoughts. it's pretty sad honestly, so many people i talk to will hear me say a certain word or phrase and their mind instantly jumps to some flavor of the month meme or whatever. i'm not some joyless sap, mind you. sharing funny images with friends is just fine, it's when overused humor forcibly interrupts unrelated conversation that it becomes a problem. you could almost call it a self-terminating thought. it's the mental equivalent of a pair of scissors cutting a thread. rather than having a full reciprocal conversation, where different people can share their own unique perspectives, it serves to nip that in the bud. maybe i'm just taking stupid internet humor too seriously but i truly think this is a problem.

august 8 2021, dymphna